South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust

Case Study
South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust are transforming the way they work through the deployment of Cambio Patient Flow Manager (PFM), achieving efficiencies and improving both staff and patient experience. The benefits being realised across the Trust has led them to enthusiastically embrace the new technology and rapidly deploy it across both acute and community settings.
South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust in NI serves a population of 440,000. They are an integrated Trust, incorporating acute hospital services, mental health, community health and social services with 12,500 staff. They initially went live with Cambio PFM in 2011 within their mental health services. In 2014 they took the decision to extend into the acute and community services. The first stage of the expansion was into 13 medical wards and a care of the elderly ward in the Ulster Hospital with bi-directional interfacing for admission, discharge and transfer messages with the Trust Patient Administration System (PAS), which was completed in June 2015. In addition, two specialist team views, known as virtual wards, were provided for the pharmacy department and therapies.

The key objectives of the project were to introduce a system which would allow teams to work more seamlessly together and support them in:

  • Improving the health and well-being of patients
  • Expediting a patient's flow through an acute episode
The Project

During this evaluation period the staff experienced a positive user experience due to:

  • PFM being a system designed by the staff for the staff
  • Bi-directional interface (EDD, ready for discharge) removing duplication in processes
  • Reduction in the number of manual systems involved
  • Quick action buttons allowing many updates to be accomplished in two touches of a screen or clicks of a mouse
Based on an agile and iterative approach to solution delivery, an initial design workshop allowed staff to become familiar with the product capabilities and the ways in which other customers had designed their configurations to support patient flow. The workshop captured the high-level needs of the organisation and the details of the initial design.
Within 2-3 weeks the Trust received a test version of their unique solution allowing them to try it for real and ensure that the solution fulfilled their initial needs. The emphasis at this stage was to get the system live as soon as practical, so that end users could verify that their needs were being met and opportunities for enhancement identified. After a short period of live assessment, the solution was reconfigured with the identified improvements.
Following a 3 month evaluation the solution was deemed to be delivering substantial operational benefits and the Trust took the decision to roll-out to all the remaining wards and hospitals and to bring community services within scope.
Benefits of using Cambio PFM
  • Discharges and transfers done in real-time 24/7, thus providing an accurate picture of bed availability, improved data quality and reduction in work for ward clerks.
  • Improved patient safety through quickly being able to identify patients with risks that need additional monitoring such as a falls, fasting, and diabetes, as these are clearly displayed by symbols on the whiteboard.
  • Savings in nurse time across all medical wards through not having to update the manual whiteboards: 1 nurse saving 1 hour per day, across all medical wards.
  • Better informed planning as wards can see potential transfers and priorities. This has led to the ceasing of daily bed meetings saving 30 mins per ward manager, across 13 medical wards.
  • Enhanced and shorter Mutli-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings. The weekly MDT meeting lasting 2 hours has been replaced with a daily MDT meeting of 15 minutes. As well as the benefits of more regular reviews, there has been a time saving of 45 minutes per staff member each week.
  • Reduction in time when making MDT referrals due to having key data items at hand such as estimated discharge date, medically fit status and medical governance data, along with the statuses of the interventions in one system that is networked and accessible to all. Time saved per referral is 1 minute.
Present and Future plans
Having made the decision to extend the deployment in Dec 2015, the solution has quickly moved to cover the surgical wards and the emergency department. As with the earlier deployment the Trust project team have found that floor walkers are not required after the first day and the technology quickly becomes the tool for managing patent flow.

Work on integrating the solution with the Trust's single sign-on solution has just completed meaning staff will shortly experience an even richer and seamless interaction with the technology.

A management dashboard and additional specialist team views are in progress and planning has started on bringing in the other hospitals and community locations served by the Trust.

By taking part in Cambio PFM's user conferences and hosting the 2015 event at their own innovation centre, the Trust is sharing their experience, but also finding out how other PFM customers are developing the technology, which may feed into future projects.

This commitment to expansion and benefit realisation shows no signs of stopping and with Cambio's technology designed to allow rapid change and continuous improvement to occur without requiring system downtime or outages, why would it?